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This is a conservative blog

This website is about expressing my clear God given birthright to freedom of political expression.  

The ultimate political expression is for one to run for political office.


I live in a Judeo Christian nation, I am a Christian, that is my heritage.  This is my home I was born here.  I love my home and I will never leave it!  I will always fight for and defend it, it is the home of my family.  To  those wishing to destroy it, I can only say beware we are more vigilant than you think.  Anyone calling for death to America, is only calling for their own. 

Surrender is not an option.

Ron      This country is in clear and present danger not only from people outside of its borders, but from within.  Our country has been infiltrated by people with ideas of making this country into a socialist/communist country without firing a shot.  I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would live to see the day we have a $15,000,000,000,000 dollar debt for this country.  China owns most of our debt via bonds.  What do you think will happen if they decide to cash them ALL in at once?  Think about it, if you wanted to destroy a country, how would you do it?  Easy, get a controllable fool elected for president "Manchurian candidate", so when you do cash in the debt, he has no idea what to do or how to fight a war.  Someone who has no military experience.  Sound like anyone you know who got elected?  I never in my wildest dreams thought that anyone in a position of authority in this country would be referred to as a 'Tsar'.  

    The real question is:

  • What would you do to save this nation?  
  • How far would you go to restore this nation?
  • What would you be willing to sacrifice to restore freedom?
  • Would you stand up and be counted when the time comes?
  • Are you tired of "three piece suits" that are career politicians that don't care about you?
  • Do you want to fight back?

    Time to send a clear message:
  • This election is a call to revolution at the poll, and it may be our last chance.
  • Clean house.
  • Send them a clear message by sending a new kind of representation.
  • Send someone like Ronald Beller, a no nonsense, average American.

     What Ronald Beller stands for:
  • Believes strongly in strict constitution interpretation.
  • Believes we should never have bailed out any company, and current bail-outs should be repealed.
  • Believes the Keynesian theory of economics does not work, and will cause failure when government gets involved in private industry. 
  • Believes abortion is morally wrong.
  • Supports balanced budget.
  • Supports consumption based tax, "fair tax".  Remember the only real  fair tax is a  voluntary tax, otherwise it is just steeling.
  • Supports protecting our borders.
  • Supports private property rights.
  • Supports right to bear arms, definition:(own, operate, carry, conceal, and use to defend one's life, family, property, without the governments permission).
  • Supports right to freedom of speech, no matter how repugnant.  Politically  correct  speech  is not  freedom of  speech.  Just because some one yells fire in a theater does not mean you  have to  believe them.
  • Supports freedom of religion.
  • This flag, much like our country is tattered and torn, but we can still save it.
  • Strong national defense, and strongly supports our men and women in uniform. 
  • Ron attended the tax rallies and the tea parties in his pickup.
  • Ron believes Israel should not give up one square inch of Jerusalem, the West Bank, East Bank or the Sinai Peninsula.
  • If you want health care for the masses, give every doctor a tax break for every indigent patient the doctor sees.
  • Ron also knows what it is like to spend $90 to fill his PU with gas to get to work.
  • Ron Believes in minimal government and maximum freedom.  What do you believe?

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